What to ask your newborn photographer part 2

What to ask your newborn photographer part 2

Little Pickles by Kirsty Northover, wall art display of newborn images
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How to interview a newborn photographer part 2: How to decide who will meet your needs!


We all work differently, so once you’ve got a short list of photographers who meets your stringent competence and safety criteria, next is to understand how they work and what’s involved. You can click here to read my last post  “how to interview a newborn photographer Part 1”  which covers the safety aspects.


What is your end goal?

First, think about your goal for the session, WHY do you want these images?

The most common answer is that it’s a fleeting and very special time, so you want to capture them to look back on over the years.


So the question then becomes do you want to enjoy these images?

On your phone or computer? Probably, but not as the only source.

In an album? Quite likely.

As a picture on your wall? Very likely.

Maybe a combination of all of them? Most common!


Ok, so the end goal is that you want beautiful images to actually look at and enjoy whenever you like. Your next question is…….


Can you create these items yourself?

If we ignore the fact that you are unlikely to be able to access professional quality archival products and would be using consumer grade ones instead……. Well, based on a recent survey of mine that seems unlikely. 96% of respondents noted that despite being given digital images from past sessions (with other photographers), they hadn’t actually done anything with them (on average was 4.5) years later.


So, you probably want someone to create finished items for you to just enjoy then, right?


But how will I know how much it might cost?

This is where the fear can set in! How much will it cost and will the total figure be a surprise at the end?

What if you love your images and can’t afford them? Next time I’ll be offering advice on this as in my opinion, costs should NEVER ever be a surprise.


Little Pickles by Kirsty Northover, wall art display of newborn images

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