I can’t tell you how long I have spent trying create packages that were flexible enough for the variety of clients that I work with. I came to the same conclusion that I did for my family work – I can’t offer packages as your needs are completely unique, just like you. I am here to tailor your package exactly to your needs.

The magazine look

Some of my clients want magazine quality images showing them at their most confident, stylish, business best. Think the cover of Forbes…. this requires either my studio or a fabulous venue and we emphasise styling, hair and makeup, the ‘conversation’ you’ll have with your clients via my camera and we incorporate your personality, branding colours and other relevant factors.

It’s very much a professional/beauty photoshoot hybrid with your ideal client in mind. Images can be really striking and help you stand out from the crowd.

This option is also the one that larger organisations need who have multiple staff members at one site and want a fantastic result for all of them.

The lifestyle look

Other clients require a ‘fly on the wall’ type session where they’re on location, meeting clients, presenting at a workshop or hanging out in the venues that they usually do business. These images are great for populating the “how I work with you” areas of your website and also your social media content/blog posts/newsletters etc . They’re less polished and have more of a documentary feel.

When only everything will do…..

You guessed it, many of my clients actually want both! The full hair and makeup styling experience so that they feel their most confident business best but also need to be captured ‘at work’, with clients, presenting, running a workshop etc.

So what do we do? Simple….. we have a no-obligation conversation like the professional business people that we are. You tell me your requirements and we work together to create a package that meets those needs and your budget. This way you only pay for what you need, exactly as you need it. Why isn’t everything in life that simple?!

Pricing starts from as little as £250 and the sky is your limit for maximum. You want to travel to your perfect location? Lets go. You want multiple locations and set ups as you’re on a mission in business and need your marketing images to reflect that? I’m all yours. Or, you’re just starting out and actually just need a few AMAZING headshots so that your projection to the outside world is polished and professional? I’m your girl.

Your budget, your needs, your rules. I’m here.