I am a maternity, newborn, baby, child & family photographer

based in Congresbury, Bristol

The experience matters as much as the images – honestly!

My photography career started after I had my little boy. We had experienced numerous photoshoots and as he was quite a fussy baby with a penchant for cluster feeding it made rigid timeslots and prescribed poses a bit of stressful disaster.

The experience wasn’t how I wanted to reflect on these images years later. Even now they bring back feelings of anxiety as every time I look at them (and they’re lovely images) I remember how I felt when they were taken!

Your baby-led haven

A haven for new parents or growing families, offering a memorable, fun and nurturing experience where you can relax and enjoy time together in addition to creating stunning images. I’m here every step of the way to help, guide and support.

One client told me that “it was the longest I’ve had my baby to myself since she was born – this is the most amazing morning!”

“Kirsty was so professional yet relaxed and so great with both my toddler and baby it actually made it a relaxing experience for me which is hard to believe with a 2 year old and a 3 week newborn in tow! She really is a baby whisperer! The resulting images were just fantastic too. Wow!"


Your memories are precious, let them last forever

Most of my product range is archival quality so they’ll still be around for your grandchildren to share with their own children as well as let you enjoy them every day right now. What more could you want?

We live in a digital age, but growing up, our memories of looking at photograph albums of our parents as children themselves and our grandparents when they were young was a wonderful window into where we came from.

We owe it to our children to maintain these practices so they can feel the same pleasure and sense of belonging that we did. Crowding around a screen just doesn’t hold the same magic. A screen certainly doesn’t feel as tactile as these beautiful albums either!

Most of us lack the time to execute this dream, so let an expert take the legwork out of this for you so you can enjoy what really matters, time with your family.

Boost your childrens’ self esteem whilst you’re enjoying beautiful images around your home

Did you know that children who grow up in homes with prominently displayed happy family pictures have better self esteem that children who don’t? What an amazing way to help your children's confidence and also create a home environment that surrounds you with you with happy memories – that’s what I’d call a win:win!

I offer everyone a complimentary consultation so you can explore whether I’m a good fit for you before you book. Ask me anything (including detailed pricing! In fact if you don’t ask, I’ll tell you anyway, I don’t deal in secrets!).