About Me

Kirsty Northover Photography

My job allows me to do the seemingly impossible, capture your precious moments for you to treasure forever with beautiful display options, be that on your walls or on your shelves. Most of my product range is archival quality so they’ll still be around for your grandchildren to share with their own children! 

We live in a digital age, but growing up, our memories of looking at photograph albums of our parents as children themselves and our grandparents when they were young was a wonderful window into where we came from.

I strongly believe we owe it to our children to maintain these practices so they can feel the same pleasure and sense of belonging that we did. Crowding around a screen just doesn’t hold the same magic. A screen certainly doesn’t feel as tactile as these beautiful albums either!

I offer complimentary consultations for you to explore whether you would like to work with me and how doing so might look for you. Please give me a call or contact me using the form on my website to find out more.